Congratulations to Brylee Kafka named to the Hockey All Tournament Team at 16U National Tournament! Story courtesy of KCCR.
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brylee kafka
Results from the High School Track Meet @ Todd County from last week: Boys: 100M Dash - Noah Baldwin, 6th; Blaize Frost, 15th; Q Bourne, 27th; Broch Zeeb, 31st; Witt Myers, 35th; Ryder Roseland, 45th 200M Dash - Brendon Bothwell, 2nd; Colton Brady, 6th; Paxton Deal, 7th; Landon Bame, 8th; Broch Zeeb, 14th; Q Bourne, 15th; Noah Baldwin, 18th; Blaize Frost, 20th; Eddie Duffy, 22nd; Witt Myers, 28th; Ryder Roseland, 41st 400M Dash - Brendon Bothwell, 1st; Spencer Sargent, 4th; Tyson Peterson, 5th; Colton Brady, 6th; Q Bourne, 13th; Landon Bame, 14th; Eddie Duffy, 15th 800M Run - Spencer Sargent, 3rd; Tyson Peterson, 7th; Ryland Magee, 8th 4x100 Relay - Deal, Zeeb, Myers, Baldwin, 3rd 4x200 Relay - Deal, Brady, Bame, Bothwell, 1st 4x400 Relay - Sargent, Bourne, Magee, Baldwin, 3rd 4x800 Relay - Sargent, Peterson, Duffy, Magee, 3rd Shot Put - Case Kolda, 5th; Trevor Caldwell, 11th; Ehran Cantu, 14th; Levi Wagner-Erno, 35th Discus - Ehran Cantu, 5th; Case Kolda, 9th; Blaize Frost, 13th; Trevor Caldwell, 16th; Ryder Roseland, 19th; Levi Wagner-Erno, 26th Long Jump - Paxton Deal, 2nd; Broch Zeeb, 8th; Eddie Duffy, 10th Javelin - Case Kolda, 1st; Blaize Frost, 11th; Ryder Roseland, 12th Girls 100M Dash - Carlee Brady, 17th 200M Dash - Brianna Sargent, 5th; Austyn Norman, 8th; Addy Deal, 11th; Brylee Kafka, 17th; Carlee Brady, 23rd 400M Dash - Brianna Sargent, 2nd; Austyn Norman, 3rd; Addy Deal, 5th 800M Run - Brylee Larson, 2nd 1600M Run - Sarah Fosheim, 4th 3200M Run - Sarah Fosheim, 4th 100M Hurdles - Brylee Kafka, 5th 4x100 Relay - Kafka, Brady, Larson, Fosheim, 5th 4x200 Relay - Larson, Deal, Norman, Sargent, 1st Shot Put - Racheal Runge, 5th; JoRayah Walker, 18th Discus - Racheal Runge, 3rd; JoRayah Walker, 6th Javelin - Racheal Runge, 2nd; JoRayah Walker, 6th Long Jump - Brylee Kafka, 7th
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Results from the Middle School Track Meet @ Pierre from last week: Boys: 100M Dash - Corbin Good, 7th; Jesse Wessels, 25th; Jack Deal, 20th 200M Dash - Kaleb Johnson, 13th; Braylen Williams, 14th; Jack Deal, 20th 400M Dash - Kaleb Johnson, 10th; Jack Deal, 4th 800M Run - John Boes, 5th; Jeffrey Knight, 6th; Sorrin Studenberg, 15th; Corbin Good, 16th; Jesse Wessels, 19th 1600M Run - Ryland Magee, 3rd 4x100 Relay - Good, Williams, Roberts, Wessels, 4th 4x200 Relay - Johnson, Boes, Knight, Roberts, 3rd 4x400 Relay - Boes, Knight, Roberts, Studenberg, 5th Shot Put - Jaxton Hoftiezer, 4th; Carson Bourne, 5th; Jacob Meyer, 9th; Keaten Metzler, 10th Discus - Jaxton Hoftiezer, 3rd; Carson Bourne, 6th; Keaten Metzler, 2nd; Jacob Meyer, 11th Long Jump - Trigg Roberts, 6th; Braylen Williams, 13th Girls 100M Dash - Ameerah Qassem, 13th; Abby Olivier, 24th; Ahliese Schweitzer, 28th; Sienna Caldwell, 31st 200M Dash - Ryan Bothwell, 9th; Kynzi Hall, 16th; Ameerah Qassem, 21st; Remi Badger, 27th; Camrynn Willis 30th; Ahliese Schweitzer, 40th 400M Dash - Ryan Bothwell, 8th; Kynzi Hall, 12th; Camrynn Willis, 21st 800M Run - Elyssa Tedder, 7th; Jesse Fosheim, 8th; Sienna Caldwell, 9th 1600M Run - Elyssa Tedder, 4th; Jesse Fosheim, 5th 4x100 Relay - Qassem, Olivier, Siedschlaw, Caldwell, 6th 4x200 Relay - Hall, Bothwell, Schweitzer, Willis, 4th Shot Put - Hanna Tedder, 3rd; Addisyn Norman, 7th; Brooklynn Kleinsasser, 8th; Jessica Rouse, 10th; Taylor Barta, 6th Discus - Remi Badger, 4th; Addisyn Norman, 5th; Brooklynn Kleinsasser, 9th; Hanna Tedder, 10th; Jessica Rouse, 12th; Taylor Barta, 6th Long Jump - Ella Siedschlaw, 20th Way to go Buffs and Lady Buffs!
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Results from the High School Track Meet @ Kadoka from last week: Boys: 100M Dash - Blaize Frost, 28th; Broch Zeeb, 32nd; Witt Myers, 36th 200M Dash - Brendon Bothwell, 3rd; Landon Bame, 12th; Noah Baldwin, 15th 400M Dash - Brendon Bothwell, 6th; Eddie Duffy, 13th; Noah Baldwin, 15th 800M Run - Tyson Peterson, 5th 4x200 Relay - Deal, Brady, Bame, Baldwin, 2nd 4x400 Relay - Deal, Bame, Brady, Duffy, 4th 4x800 Relay - Bothwell, Sargent, Peterson, Duffy, 3rd Medley - Deal, Brady, Peterson, Sargent, 1st Shot Put - Trevor Caldwell, 10th; Case Kolda, 15th; Calvin Grandon, 22nd Discus - Trevor Caldwell, 18th; Calvin Grandon, 23rd; Case Kolda, 25th Long Jump - Paxton Deal, tied 1st; Broch Zeeb, 6th; Eddie Duffy, 17th Girls 100M Dash - Addy Deal, 5th; Brylee Larson, 10th; Carlee Brady, 21st 200M Dash - Emily Nemec, 6th; Raegan Taylor, 14th; Brylee Kafka, 18th 400M Dash - Brianna Sargent, 3rd; Austyn Norman, 9th; Kaysen Magee, 12th 800M Run - Rachel Nemec, 4th; Brylee Larson, 5th 1600M Run - Sarah Fosheim, 7th 3200M Run - Kaysen Magee, 1st; Rachel Nemec, 3rrd; Sarah Fosheim, 4th 100M Hurdles - Emily Nemec, 7th; Journey Schnee, 10th; Brylee Kafka, 12th 300M Hurdles - Journey Schnee, 5th 4x100 Relay - Schnee, E. Nemec, Larson, Kafka, 6th 4x200 Relay - Taylor, Deal, Norman, Sargent, 2nd 4x400 Relay - Deal, Norman, Magee, Sargent, 2nd Shot Put - Olivia Frederick, 9th; JoRayah Walker, 11th; Racheal Runge, 13th Discus - Olivia Frederick, 5th; Racheal Runge, 22nd; JoRayah Walker, 27th Long Jump - Raegan Taylor, 11th; Brylee Kafka, 20th Way to go Buffs and Lady Buffs!
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Results from the High School Track Meet @ Mobridge from last week: Boys: 100M Dash - Colton Brady, 4th; Witt Myers, 27th; Broch Zeeb, 29th 200M Dash - Landon Bame, 7th; Paxton Deal, 14th; Blaize Frost, 26th 400M Dash - Brendon Bothwell, 1st; Weston Prince, 20th 800M Run - Spencer Sargent, 4th; Weston Prince, 15th; Eddie Duffy, 17th 1600M Run - Spencer Sargent, 8th 4x100 Relay - Bame, Frost, Myers, Deal, 5th 4x200 Relay - Frost, Zeeb, Peterson, Brady, 5th 4x400 Relay - Sargent, Bothwell, Bame, Peterson, 1st 4x800 Relay - Bothwell, Prince, Peterson, Duffy, 6th Medley - Bothwell, Deal, Brady, Peterson, 2nd Shot Put - Trevor Caldwell, 12th; Case Kolda, 13th; Calvin Grandon, 16th Discus - Calvin Grandon, 13th; Trevor Caldwell, 16th; Case Kolda, 21st Long Jump - Paxton Deal, 4th; Broch Zeeb, 9th Girls 100M Dash - Brianna Sargent, 8th; Raegan Taylor, 17th; Carlee Brady, 30th 200M Dash - Brianna Sargent, 8th; Brylee Larson, 17th 400M Dash - Brylee Larson, 11th; Gracie Olson, 13th 800M Run - Gracie Olson, 6th 1600M Run - Sarah Fosheim, 10th 3200M Run - Sarah Fosheim, 4th 300M Hurdles - Journey Schnee, 8th 4x100 Relay - E. Nemec, Sargent, Schnee, Brady, 7th 4x200 Relay - Larson, Norman, E. Nemec, Magee, 4th 4x400 Relay - Magee, Norman, R. Nemec, Sargent, 4th 4x800 Relay - R. Nemec, Norman, Olson, Magee, 2nd Medley Relay - Taylor, Norman, Magee, R. Nemec - 2nd Shot Put - Olivia Frederick, 10th; Racheal Runge, 21st; JoRayah Walker, 29th Discus - Olivia Frederick, 5th; Racheal Runge, 7th; JoRayah Walker, 29th Long Jump - Raegan Taylor, 4th Way to go Buffs and Lady Buffs!
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Congratulations to Levi Wagner-Erno & Mattie Duffy crowned the 2024 Prom King and Queen!
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levi and mattie
Elementary students earning 30 accelerated reader points get to have pizza with the principal. Students are pictured left to right. Back row – Paysen Garrett-2nd grade, Cash Kolb*-2nd grade, Braytin Gaer-2nd grade, and Daysen Nutter-3rd grade. Front row – Victor Lepkowski-2nd grade, Truly Dowling-2nd grade, Joy Latham-2nd grade, and Breckyn Patterson-2nd grade. Congratulations, you earned it. Thank you Principal Littau! - *Cash has earned 130 points!
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30 point accelerated point readers
Prom 2024 Information - When: Saturday, April 13, 2024 Where: Parkview Gym Time: 8 pm Grand March, Dance 9 pm - 11:45 pm – doors will open at 6:30 pm Post prom to follow the dance at the youth center.
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The Native American Club would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket for the Star Quilt Raffle! The winners are... $150 - Bonnie Cromwell $250 - Kerry McClellan Star Quilt - Terry Schroer Thank you again for your support of our program!
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native club
A change war was held for Jackson Robbennolt throughout March. Jackson was involved in a UTV accident in September. Stanley County students raised a total of $600.63 for the Robbennolt family in a change war class competition. Mrs. Todd's 1st grade classroom raised the most in the elementary with a total of $89.80 and Mrs. Beck's homeroom raised the most in the Middle/High School with $114.47. Thank you for all your donations.
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change jar
Happy Birthday to Brylee Larson April 8!
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brylee larson
Results from Varsity Track Meet in Mobridge from Thursday: Boys: - Colton Brady, 4th - 100M Dash - Landon Bame, 7th - 200M Dash - Brendon Bothwell, 1st - 400M Dash - Spencer Sargent, 4th - 800M Run - Spencer Sargent, 8th - 1600M Run - Landon Bame, Blaize Frost, Witt Myers, Paxton Deal - 5th in 4x100 - Noah Baldwin, Broch Zeeb, Tyson Peterson, Colton Brady - 5th in 4x200 - Spencer Sargent, Brendon Bothwell, Landon Bame, Tyson Peterson - 1st in 4x400 - Paxton Deal, 4th - Long Jump - Broch Zeeb, 9th - Long Jump Girls: - Reagan Taylor - 5th, Long Jump - Olivia Frederick - 5th, Discus - Racheal Runge - 7th, Discus - Olivia Frederick - 10th, Shot Put - Rachel Nemec, Austyn Norman, Gracie Olson, Kaysen Magee - 2nd, 4x800 - Kaysen Magee, Austyn Norman, Rachel Nemec, Brianna Sargent - 4th, 4x400 - Brylee Larson, Austyn Norman, Emily Nemec, Kaysen Magee - 4th, 4x200 - Journey Schnee - 8th, 300M Hurdles - Sarah Fosheim - 4th, 3200M - Sarah Fosheim - 10th, 1600M - Gracie Olson - 6th, 800M - Brianna Sargent - 8th, 200M - Brianna Sargent - 8th, 100M Way to go Buff/Lady Buffs!
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Top 10 Finishes from the Middle School Track Meet at Pierre from Thursday: Girls: - Ryan Bothwell, 9th - 100M Dash - Ryan Bothwell, 4th - 200M Dash - Kynzi Hall, 8th - 200M Dash - Ryan Bothwell, 2nd - 400M Dash - Kynzi Hall, 5th - 400M Dash - Camryn Willis, 8th - 400M Dash - Elyssa Tedder, 4th - 800M Run - Jesse Fosheim, 6th - 800M Run - Elyssa Tedder, 4th - 1600M Run - Jesse Fosheim, 5th - 1600M Run - Ahliese Schweitzer, 9th - Long Jump - Hanna Tedder, 3rd - Shot Put - Addisyn Norman, 6th - Shot Put - Brooklyn Kleinsasser, 7th - Shot Put - Remi Badger, 2nd - Discus - Addisyn Norman, 5th - Discus - Hanna Tedder, 8th - Discus - Brooklyn Kleinsasser, 9th - Discus - Jessica Rouse, 10th - Discus - Addy Deal, 4th - 100M Dash - Addy Deal, 2nd - 200M Dash - Taylor Barta, 10th - 200M Dash - Addy Deal, 1st - 400M Dash - Taylor Barta, 6th - Discus Boys: - John Boes, 10th - 400M Dash - Trigg Roberts, 5th - Long Jump - Jaxton Hoftiezer, 2nd - Shot Put - Jaxton Hoftiezer, 2nd - Discus - Carson Bourne, 5th - Discus - Jack Deal, 7th - 400M Dash - Ryland Magee, 4th - 800M Run - Ryland Magee, 4th - 1600M Run - Keaten Metzler, 5th - Shot Put - Jacob Meyer, 9th - Shot Put - Keaten Metzler, 1st - Discus Way to go Buffs and Lady Buffs!
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Dear Parent or Guardian: STATE & ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENTS begin April 8th for all students except Seniors. These assessments measure student achievement appropriate for your child’s level of learning in areas such as Reading, Math, and Science. Student grades will not be impacted by their performance; however it does serve as a way for the school to analyze how well we are helping students meet the standards. There is no need to study, but we do ask that students try their best to get plenty of rest the nights before testing and to eat a good breakfast! Thank you for supporting your child and our school during this assessment period. Stanley County Schools
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Anyone interested in purchasing SC golf apparel - here is the link to do so: The ordering ends April 8.
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Happy Birthday to Addyson Waage-April 2!
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addysib waage
Happy Birthday March 28 to Broch Zeeb, Kourtney Hughes, Jessica Rouse and Principal Curt Littau! In addition, thank you to choir students for the birthday song:)
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march 28 birthdays
littau birthday song
DEADLINE to submit senior pictures is MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2024. Please bring or send senior pictures and baby pictures to
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The Middle-High School Spring Concert date has been moved to Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. - Parkview Auditorium. The Elementary School Spring Concert is set for Monday, May 6, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. - Parkview Auditorium.
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spring concerts
Happy Birthday to Edda Cockrell & Jayson Hoffman-03-21!
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etta cockrell
jayson hoffman