student council

South Dakota State Student Council Convention was held April 4 and 5 in Rapid City.  Once again, the Stanley County Student Council worked for and received the award for Outstanding Student Council.   The SDHSAA has sponsored the "Outstanding Student Council" project since 1989. The goal of the SDHSAA is to provide this incentive program as a service to SDHSAA member schools and thereby increase the number of schools involved in the project each year.  The purpose of the "Outstanding Student Council" project is to give Student Councils the praise and recognition they deserve for a well-done job. Those councils recognized as "Outstanding" have well rounded programs and are active on the local and state levels; they have done an exemplary job in their schools.


Daysen Titze received the All-State Student Council Award. This award is designed to recognize individual students who have gone above and beyond to help in their student councils, schools, and communities.   In addition, Morgan Hoffman, Hayden Roggow, and Abby Wyly ran for statewide offices.  These students were responsible for managing their campaigns which included making an introductory video, posters, websites, speeches, and taking questions from an audience of approximately 1,000 people.  Congratulations to Abby Wyly on her successful campaign for State Treasurer to the State Student Council Board.  In addition, Stanley County students hold all the positions for the Capital Region: President, Abby Wyly; Vice President, Cadence Hand; Secretary, Tatum Scott; Treasurer, Mattie Duffy; Reporter, Hayden Roggow; Sergeant at Arms, Kori Endres; Representative to State Board, Keira Briggs; and School Representative, Morgan Hoffman.  Council members are pictured left to right.  Back row – Hayden Roggow, Tatum Scott, Mattie Duffy, Jordyn Sosa, Cadence Hand, Kori Endres, and Daysen Titze.  Front row – Abby Wyly, Keira Briggs, Taylee Stroup, and Morgan Hoffman.  The student council advisor is Mrs. Shirley Swanson.