Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the following elementary students receiving perfect attendance for  January.  Students are pictured left to right.

Kindergarten - back row: Copelee O’Dea, Kannyn Fisher, Ella Meyers, Leilani LaRoache, Rayna Dowling, Adonis Caldwell, and Kaceton Smit.  Middle row:  Macklin Hahn, Rowe Cuppy, Sonny Mahto, Lilith Rageth, Julianna Rageth, Henson Cuppy, and Landyn Smit.  Front row: Aubriella Zeller, Evy Patterson, and Trailyn Townsend.

1st grade – back row:  Dylan Brooks, Addysen Heckenlaible, Harper Pearson, Keslyn Stoddard, Kalan Parks, Eugene Van Winsen, and Bailee Willis.  Middle row:  Kden Maskovich, Hunter Bochman, Veronica Bremser, Emmalyn Albright, Bentley Prince, and Ivy Murray.  Front row:  Zaylee Damian, James Carroll, Nevaeh Paige, Brayson Sheard, and Haeven Russell.

2nd grade - back row:  Reya Rathbun, Truly Dowling, Kelby Fisher, Morgan Jones, Addison Rathbun-Benson, Sierra Caldwell, and Olivia Albright.  Front row:  Kynlee Stoddard, Rolla Scott, Killian Becker, Thea Brooks, Victor Lepkowski, and Jordan Daly.

3rd grade – back row:  Jace Nickerson, Moxyn Shearer, Dalton Gravatt, Izzy Van Winsen, and Zacchary Canillas.  Middle row:  Zayden O'Conner, Jamison Cox, Cody Corley, Cameron Mahto, Ruca Powell, and Trey Gregg.  Front row:  Emelia Becker, Greyson Stutesman, Creece Norman, and Audree Prince.

4th grade – back row:  Channing Sowards, Mason Merriman, Adin Maskovich, Will Alleman, and Bentley England.  Front row:  Kyle Krieger, Madison Cox, Elliana Paul, Millie Green, and Emry Dowling.

5th grade – back row:  Liz Nemec, Callie Kinsella, Keeley Bochman, Natalee Schwinler, Bridger Gruber, and Bryson Gregg.  Front row:  Kinley Manning, Lillian Luce, Kian Maskovich, Cayde Keil, and Maddie Stoeser.