SC Grad Enlightens Students

Mr. Chad Ronish (SC Class of 1987) is the Science Education Specialist from the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF).  He visited various science classes the week of October 31 and spoke with students regarding what the research facility does.  He also shared scholarship opportunities available through SURF. 

6th grade students were shown how SURF works to detect neutrinos, some of the smallest and most abundant particles on Earth that travel through anything.  7th grade students learned about types of extremophiles and how SURF has been studying them.  8th grade students studied black matter, gravitational pull, and subatomic particles.

Physical Science classes learned about dark matter and did a hands-on activity to provide indirect evidence of its existence.  Biology studied extremophiles and other living organisms that can survive in extreme environments such as those at SURF. Chemistry students learned about neutrinos and other types of matter and the tools the SURF labs use to study them.

The Earth and Space class studied the aquifers in our region and the United States.  Hats off to SURF and Mr. Ronish for enlightening our students.