james cutshaw

Congratulations to Mr. James Cutshaw, the Middle-High School Principal, who was selected for the SDSCA Ivan Dixon Administrator of the Year Award.  This award, from the SD High School Activities Association, is given to administrators whose efforts have enhanced student activities in schools.  Principal Cutshaw has helped completely transform programs such as Student Council, National Honor Society, and Oral Interp.  

When the 2020-2021 State Student Council meeting was changed to a virtual convention, he was instrumental in students “attending’ the convention and provided much-needed time to plan events for the 2021-22 school year.  Mr. Cutshaw produced officer candidate videos using his own video equipment. 

Communication was improved with Mr. Cutshaw’s help regarding homecoming activities.  He welcomed meeting with students to present ideas to increase positive involvement within the student body.  The result was that the homecoming parade was held on the traditional Friday, and appropriate involvement of the student body increased.

In addition, he helps students in need with money from his own pocket, encourages the student body to be active in the decision-making within the school, helps students enroll in dual credit courses, apply for college, and find internships.  Mr. Cutshaw is a tireless advocate for students, staff, and the educational needs at Stanley County.