SC 2021 Homecoming Royal Court

The 2021 Stanley County School Homecoming Royal Court has been announced.  Candidates for coronation are pictured left to right.  King candidates include, Daysen Titze, Stran Scott, Evan Nordstrom, Cormac Duffy, and Lathan Prince.  Queen candidates include, Jordyn Sosa, Taylee Stroup, Bailey Siedschlaw, Shaylee Tople and Carlie O’Conner.  2nd grade crown bearers selected are Emry Dowling and Will Alleman.  Homecoming for the Buffaloes is the week of September 20-24.  The theme is “Board Games.”  King and queen will be announced Monday, September 20 with coronation at 7:00 p.m. at Ole Williamson Field.  Following the coronation ceremony and burning of the letters, the SC Booster Club will be serving cookies and lemonade.