Stanley County Athletic Hall of Fame

The Buffalo Hall of Fame was established to formally honor the memory and contributions of the many outstanding student-athletes, coaches and supporters
of Fort Pierre High School and Stanley County High School athletic programs. The Buffalo Hall of Fame serves as a symbol of the community’s appreciation
of the excellence, honor, and devotion displayed by these celebrated individuals.

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Sponsored by the Stanley County Coaches Association

2022 Inductees:

Dean Frederick, Joe Nelson, Shavonne Hannum, Jeremy Holter, Lindsay Stoeser, & Stacy Huss

2021 Inductees:

Steve Hoffman & Cliff Jorgenson

2019 Inductees:

Kevin CroninKirby CroninKris Dozark

2018 Inductees:

1978 Boys Basketball Team

2016-2017 Inductees:

Glenn Frick, Kelsey Kleinsasser, Ron JonesScott Deal, Jay NelsonTyler Stoeser & the 1986 Football Team

2016 Inductees:

Amber DiehmTom McGough and Terra Stroup

2015 Inductees:

Kenny DiegelLaunie RheborgTerry TopleDave Wharton & Louis Young - 2015 Induction Photos

2013 Inductees:

Harvey Sheehan

2011 Inductees:

Dave TateTom Rogers, & Chance Stoeser - 2011 Induction Photos

2010 Inductees:

Kristie Hallock-Moore & Tina Stroup-Bruske  

2009 Inductees:

Glenn Dozark & Jan Mord

2008 Inductee:

Ron Hutcheson

2007 Inductee:

Coach Ron Lawrence

2006 Inductee:

Paul Titze

2005 Inductee:

Danny Duffy

2004 Inductees:

Tuffy Blaze, Cliff Reuer, Tammy Scott, & Raymond Tibbs

2003 Inductees:

True Smith, Bernie Duffy, Lynn Frederick, Tom Hughes, & Annette Lenners